See below the Boy names Starting with letter X registered in England and Wales.

Our list shows the Rank, Name and Number of Registrations in 2021.

Rank 174Xander308 Recorded
Rank 206Xavier263 Recorded
Rank 2301Xavi9 Recorded
Rank 3017Xzavier6 Recorded
Rank 3990Xavian4 Recorded
Rank 3990Xaviar4 Recorded
Rank 3990Xavion4 Recorded
Rank 4789Xaiden3 Recorded
Rank 4789Xion3 Recorded

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Our names are taken from records recorded by the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) for birth names for babies born in England and Wales. The data we are currently using comes from the year of 2021. Only names where more than 3 births were registered in the year of 2021 are listed.